Platform Membership

Platform Membership

You may join the platform as a seller, a buyer, or both. There are two types of accounts available for the sellers: A basic Seller account and a premium Influencer Account.  Below are the details for both accounts:



Marketplace Payout Rate

Transaction Fees

Max Uploads

File Size Limit

Video Uploads

Access to Premium Features and Marketing Tools

Basic Seller


80% on all sales

1.2 AED per resource


256 MB + Multible files per product



90% on all sales

1.0 AED per resource


256 MB + Multible files per product

Seller Account

The Seller account is available for any educational content creator. Here are the main things you need to know about it:

  1. You can set up a Seller account in 3 simple steps (pre-approval not required).
  2. You will have to sign a Seller agreement to make sure everything is set before you start.
  3. Post an unlimited number of your digital products at your own pace.
  4. Earn up to 80% from any of your products that are sold on the EduFikra platform.
  5. Receive instant emails confirming one of your products has been sold.
  6. Track and analyze all your store details (revenue and sales) by using our advanced dashboards.
  7. Payments are made within 21 days of the last day of each month, transferable to your PayPal or bank account.
  8. Get recognized for your creativity while earning money.
  9. Receive comments and ratings from site users and stay motivated to enhance and excel

Influencer Account

The Influencer account is an invitation-only account that requires pre-approval. Here are the main features for this account you need to know about it:

  1. Get yourself featured in the EduFikra influencers list/directory.
  2. Build your own social group and connect with hundreds of teachers around the world.
  3. Manage all your content (feed, videos, and articles!) through a single, user-friendly channel.
  4. Get exclusive access to EduFikra’s marketing tools.
  5. Enjoy reduced service charges (up to 90% payout rate).
  6. Integrate your Zoom account and schedule your Zoom meetings with your group.
  7. Schedule and archive your training sessions through an integrated Zoom account to keep your group updated.
  8. Share your knowledge, content, and ideas with hundreds of eager teachers.